11月 november

11/1(Mon) Close

11/2(Tue) Bar time

11/3(Wed) Bar time

11/4(Thu) Bar time

11/5(Fri) Bar time

11/6(Sat) Bar time

11/7(Sun) “cinemadam”/18:00 open/20:00 start

11/8(Mon) Close

11/9(Tue) Bar Time

11/10(Wed) Bar Time

11/11(Thu) 北田学(Bcl),阿部真武(B)/19:00 open/20:00 start/¥3,000+1order

11/12(Fri) Bar Time

11/13(Sat) Live event/to be announce

11/14(Sun) Bar Time

11/15(Mon) Close

11/16(Tue) Bar time

11/17(Wed) Bar time

11/18(Thu) “audace”/伊藤志宏/ac,北田学/cl/19:00 open/20:00 start/¥3,000(1D includ)

11/19(Fri) Bar time

11/20(Sat) Live event/to be announce

11/21(Sun) Meganez Live/to be announce

11/22(Mon) Close

11/23(Tue) Bar time

11/24(Wed) Bar time

11/25(Thu) Bar time

11/26(Fri) Bar time

11/27(Sat) Play Along~Free Jam Session/20:00 start/¥1,000(1D in)

11/28(Sun) Close? Underdeer Lounge Event,Play DJ

11/29(Mon) 柴山トリオ/to be announce

11/30(Tue) Bar time

12/1(Wed) Bar time

12/2(Thu) Bar time

12/3(Fri) Bar time

12/4(Sat) Bar time

12/5 (Sun) “cinemadam”/18:00 open/20:00 start

12/6(Mon) Close

12/7(Tue) Bar time

12/8(Wed) Bar time

12/9(Thu) Bar time

12/10(Fri) Bar time